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We invest in game-changing deep tech software companies with the power to transform the way the world uses technology.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs
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We’re not just another venture capital firm.

Critical Ventures is a VC that invests in game-changing companies with the power to transform the way the world uses technology in the areas of IoT, Automatisation and Digitalisation, Cyber Security, AI/ML / Descentralised Tech, UxD / Interfaces, Mobility and Medical Software.

We know that building disruptive tech companies takes more than just capital. As tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we work side by side with the companies we invest in, backing them with funding, time and real expertise.

We believe that technology is nothing without the passion of talented people bringing it to life. That’s why we’re dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and startups who share our culture and values. In return, we help to nurture the companies we invest in and grow them organically, in their own time – avoiding round after round of funding.

For us, investing isn’t just our business. It’s the chance to make a difference and create something big.

What we’re looking for:

  • Seed and early-stage investments
  • Technology and software companies
  • Disruptive or transformative technologies
  • Cultural fit with the Critical ecosystem
  • Passionate and dedicated management

Our team brings together seasoned founders and operators of technology companies with experienced financial and venture capital professionals - by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Our Portfolio

Our investment portfolio spans a wide variety of companies and industries

In each case, we’re driven by a culture of innovation, integrity, sensible risk taking and entrepreneurship.
2011 — 2020

Fundo Capital de Risco Critical Ventures I

A Story of Success
Watchful Software
Acquired by Symantec in 2017
Watchful Software’s advanced security solutions keep sensitive information safe from breaches or disclosure, preventing malicious attacks or accidental misuse of data.
A Story of Success
Critical Manufacturing
Acquired by ASMPT in 2018
Critical Manufacturing creates cutting-edge software solutions for industry 4.0 markets, including semi-conductors, solar technologies and electronics.
Management buyout in 2019
Stratosphere (formerly known as Critical Materials) supplies technology products that undertake diagnostics and prognostics of critical structural systems.
Coimbra Genomics
Acquired by Top Industries Management LLP in 2020
Coimbra Genomics uses technology to bridge the gap between knowledge of the genome and mainstream medical practices.
Management buyout in 2020
Retmarker provides affordable software solutions for screening and monitoring the progression of retinal diseases.
OnCaring helps elderly care institutions look after senior citizens through the use of mobile and accident detection technology.
Critical Links
LP transfer
Critical Links helps schools in emerging markets deliver inspirational and innovative education through the use of new technologies.
Currently active

Fundo Capital de Risco Critical Ventures II

Investment in 2023
Kirontech is a software solutions provider, targeting Fraud, Waste and Abuse in healthcare insurance.
Investment in 2023
Twinzo is a unique solution that combines the best of 3D modeling, data visualization, and user experience. It allows users to create and access their digital twins on any device, and to interact with them in an intuitive and immersive way.

The Critical


We’re part of a technology ecosystem that provides a unique support network of customers, resources and talent that can open the doors to success. Alongside our investment portfolio, our companies are involved in areas as diverse as aerospace, healthcare, space, energy, education, finance, telecoms and lots more.

Critical Software

Critical Software provides systems and software services for mission and business-critical applications, helping major industries to meet the most demanding standards for performance and reliability.

Critical TechWorks

Critical TechWorks is shaping the future of the software at the heart of BMW’s driving machines and business.

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